Thursday, May 12, 2016

carson turns ONE

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thanks for teaching me that life is about love,

that kindness is far better than coolness,

that people are Gods greatest blessings,

that we all should kick our feet when we get excited,

that clothes are meant for stains & dirt,

that grass is for sitting on…in spite of morning dew,

that breezes should be felt and noticed,

that greeting someone with a smile really is  the only way to properly greet someone,

that hands are for clapping,

that bellies are for tickling,

that homes are for making memories,

that music is better if you dance to it,

that baths should be long and slow,

that balls are for chasing,

that ocean waves are to be awed over,

that car rides are for naps,

that tears are part of life,

that lips are for kissing,

that eyebrows are for expressions,

that wonder is found everywhere if we open our eyes,

that everyday, every minute, is a gift from God.

To be taken in.

thanks for teaching me that my greatest joys could never be purchased or bought, that my greatest joys would be drinking in moments, moments spent watching you grow, watching you wrestle with your daddy, watching you smile, listening to your laughs and kissing your boo boos.

thanks for teaching me about love. how to love, and how to be loved. happy birthday.

(pictures by the amazing laura hamon

Sunday, May 8, 2016

mothers day, it isn’t always wonderful.

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mothers day isn’t always wonderful. it can actually be a day many women dread.

i know because, i was one of those women. much like valentines day for the unmarried, you want to pull the covers over your head and let the day pass you by. i wasn’t a mother, so mothers day was a sore spot. it was a reminder that i was “incomplete” because the world told me in order to be “complete”,  i had to be a mother. thats not true, but none the less thats how i felt.

some women dread mothers day because they long to call their moms, they long to have one last embrace, they long to hear their moms say their name… because nobody says your name quite like your mama. no matter what age you are, you still feel like a child, a daughter. and when you lose your mother, I’m certain you can feel lost in this big world.

some women dread mothers day because well….they never had one. they were raised by strong fathers. or they had a mother… but she wasn’t a good one.

some women dread mothers day, due to the scar of abortion. none of us live our lives without regret, be brave enough to accept Gods forgiveness and know that you will embrace that child in heaven. settle the matter that God above all things is loving and merciful to all His children and you, are included in that.

some women grieve the loss of a child that left this world too soon, no mother should have to bury a child. no words written on a blog could suffice, i pray God himself would give you peace.

whatever your circumstance is today on mothers day i hope you can embrace your place, i hope you find hope, i hope you find joy, i hope you find comfort. i hope you know in spite of a broken heart you have a heavenly Father, that still has a plan for your life, that wipes every tear, embraces you as you are, and sings over you as a mother should her child.

and if like me you are joyfully celebrating mothers day today, chasing your children around, wiping noses and bottoms. i hope we feel the weight of what it means for God to have entrusted you and i, to steward a human heart. that we will send out into the world. the responsibility and the miracle of that, is overwhelming. lets give it all we got. and know that we might not get accolades or trophies here on earth, but eternally we are doing kingdom work. work that counts. work that matters. work that will outlast us.

when we enter into our eternal home to behold God face to face and to hear Him say “well done, good and faithful servant”, what more could we desire than that… thats the goal of being a mother.

happy mothers day friends. wherever you find yourself today.

with love-


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